No one remembers the fall.  Generations ago, the free peoples were cast from paradise down to the dark.  The old gods are lost and instead fealty is sworn the powerful and superstition reigns.  All you have known is the cold, steel chambers of Sector 9, the last refuge for the survivors of the fall.  There is no sun, no sky, and no memory of paradise. Only iron, power, and fear drives life in Sector 9.

Most in Sector 9 are indentured to serve the Eirdine Lords, those that rule over the hives, the great iron cities which house the survivors of the great fall.  The Lords and their enforcers are the only people who are able to wield magic, the dread powers used to rule the hives with an iron fist.  The Eirdine Lords also employ armies of mercenaries and brigands to keep their hold on power and to wage war against other hives.  

Economies in the hives are driven by manufacturing, though technology remains only a shadow of it’s former glory.  The hives churn out the great machines used to burrow through heavy stone, extract essential ores, process food and water, and travel great distances on coal-powered railways.  Information too is a vital industry, and the dangerous task of travel between the hives not only carries vital resources but also news of current events, inter-hive turmoil, and the discovery of newly-found sectors, ripe for exploration.

Those who dare explore the uncharted reaches of the Dark seek to find their fortune recovering lost technologies, hordes of ancient treasure, or new territories to colonize and rule.  Underground waterways and lakes likewise offer great reward at great risk, often connecting forgotten chambers and colonies but patrolled by pirate thugs or worse.  The task of exploration is not without peril; the vast spider’s web of tunnels in Sector 9 contain beasts, mutants, outlaws, and other horrors.  

Daily life in Sector 9 is not without some sense of normalcy.  Word Bearers (Bearers, for short), those that carry news from other hives, also act as the bringers of culture.  Stories and Mythology are also a vital economy.  Song, dance, and theater all serve as the ties that bind communities together.  Festivals act as important cultural gatherings as well, where Word Bearers will weave stories of heroic cunning or sing songs of the paradise before the fall.  Family and clan are cornerstones of the community, and who your father is is as important as your trade or your sword arm.  Loyalty to one’s Lord and hive are paramount, and morality is defined by the will of the Eirdine Lords… though there are some out there who disagree.

Sector 9

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