Sector 9

Au'Khan's Journal 2

The events of the past several weeks seem like a dream now. From the Spider Clan to Hive Tyran and back again, we have traveled far to achieve our goal of discovering the truth behind the Song of Dia’ni, and it was worth it. I feel as though this ancient settlement is what I was meant to find since I was created. Since I was placed in the water I was told that I would find the Rockborn and today in finding this settlement, this path has been laid before me. I feel blessed that my companions and I have similar sentiment regarding what to do with what we have found. We will travel to Ti’Nal, where I will speak with our Rockborn and tell them what we have discovered deep within in stone…that perhaps two of their brothers are still alive and have found new settlements. I worry that the presence of humans will anger some Goliath, but with the backing of Tria’kani I am sure they will be accepted. According to legend, we were all once human, were we not? Imagine what the Goliath will say when they see this dragon that we have found! Surely this will help our cause and draw adventurous Goliath to our cause as we will need a good number to begin our adventure in the south. I have found myself in meditation more now than ever, attempting to connect with that which leads me down this journey. It is through this meditation that I will find Dia’ni, I am sure of it.


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