Sector 9

Ahh the wastes, I must admit without the constant hum of the hive I feel uncomfortable, and while the brotherhood hid from the enforcers in the wastes for some time we never ventured as far as we intend to go to visit these Goliath. I have no ill will for goliaths, nor for the one we travel with while they can be erratic at times and follow their own motives they have been oppressed as much as the men and women in the mines. I cant abide slavery, so I am thankful for this chance to atone, for I have much of that to do.

Day one: Sand. Going sideways, I cant help but wonder if Au’Kan Shi’Rin is a touch simple, we are clearly walking in a haphazard direction. I don’t want to insult him by questioning I’ve seen a goliath take slight to a simple question before.

Day two: sand. I cant help but notice that Brennon Fintan is out of his element more than the others, im not surprised by this anyone growing up on the backs of others would be soft. I am starting to get my bearings confused although I am physically doing better than the previous days.

Day three: I should have seen it coming, whether it was the terrain or my own exhaustion we fell into a trap. A trap not unlike we used to ambush the patrols the enforcers sent. A simple trap wait until the patrol hits a certain spot then begin firing, they are usually dead before they can pinpoint where the shots are being fired from. At first I belived we had lucked out and sprung the trap before we could fall in it… I was wrong. The fight went badly the elves summoned a swarm of carrion beetles that moved like a living slag pool engulfing any who go to close. We lost Bor’ess it wasn’t an easy death but we remembered him as best we could.

We finally reached the spider clan settlement and I was unprepared for the sights that I saw. I grew up in the slums so the sight of the spiders alone was nothing new. The sheer magnitude of the quantity was staggering, as out area of expertise as I was the pride of the working man knows no professional or racial bounds. These men and women worked hard and were proud of their farms and of their livestock. We also learned that one of their ancestral homes was invaded, I was not present to hear the details but it we are now moving to investigate.


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