Agent Stark

Agent of Tranis.


Stark was trained at an early age in the Monastaries of Tranis for life as an agent. Stark is cunning and extremely pragmatic, and will use violent force as readily as political connections to achieve his goals.

Stark is a master of flame magic.

Stark has a wry sense of humor and will openly acknowledge any advantage he has over his opponents. He’s also willing to work with just about anyone to meet his goals. Stark is more familiar with lower hive culture than most in the houses, and will often use their fear of enforcers to manipulate them.

Stark is currently tasked with helping to settle colonists from Hive Tranis in the crimson mine. Stark has specifically been tasked with this mine to help create potential psions and weed out any that show signs of corruption. Stark is not a big fan of this assignment, but he’s extremely loyal to House Tranis.

Agent Stark

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