Hive Tranis

Hive Tranis sits in the Southwestern sections of Sector 9. It has a reputation for having a highly militarized and xenophobic society with Humans holding the position of power. Slaves and conscripted warriors drive the economy of Hive Tranis. Tranis has a reputation for being the playground of the powerful, holding mines in precious metals, nurium, and stoneroot. Additionally, Tranis sits upon a large sump lake that provides access to large-scale chemical and narcotics industries.

House Tranis

House Tranis is known as the house of flame, and its sons are considered among the most dangerous enforcers in Sector 9. Members of House Tranis are more independently-minded then many other houses, and they walk freely through the hive knowing that the common man is deathly afraid of their presence.

Due to the proximity to a nurium mine, there is a large psionic population in Tranis and rumor has it that there have been hive-wide purges of psions, even among the upper houses.

Hive Tranis

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