The Crimson Mask

The Crimson Mask is a renegade. Cheered by the working class, reviled by the Eirdine Lords, The Crimson Mask has fought tyranny at every turn for the past 30 years.

The first sighting can be traced back to Hive Essen when a man dressed in the clothes of a miner donned a crudely wrought red hood and led a rebellion against the mine bosses who had kept their workers in the tunnels for over 1 month against their will.

He was sighted many times in the next few months, each time wearing better and better equipment, assuredly purchased with the money he liberated from those he fought against. Each time he won, his reputation grew, as did his boldness. The eventual conflict with the Lords themselves was inevitable.

To deal with the “Cimson Mask menace” a special forces unit was formed from various mecenary groups throughout Sector 9. Calling themselves the Black Hand Garrison, this group recieved the best in training and equipment from the Eirdine Lords themselves. They were meant to be a one time taskforce around only until the Crimson Mask was captured or killed. They never succeeded. In the first year there were as many as 100 highly trained mercenaries, but as failure after failure mounted the lords became less interested in paying money for lack of results. After two years the garrison was officially disbanded. One man however continued the crusade Trevin Rakham had confronted the Cimson Mask on various occasions and always been defeated. Working with a smaller group of mercenaries he continued the pursuit for personal reasons and with a brutality unmatched in others. In time the Black Hand Garrison was outlawed because their methods were deemed too severe even by the standards of brutal Hive Tyran. Some speculate that they still benefit from private funding however.

The Crimson Mask

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